One day in Bus Stop..

Michael   : Hey chris !!! Are you waiting for the bus?
Christian : Hey Mike!! Yes I am.
Michael   : Which bus?
Christian : I am waiting for the bus to Cimahi
Michael   : Let us get on the bus together, I am going to Cimahi too.
Christian : Does this yellow one go to Cimahi?
Michael   : No, it doesn't. It goes to Bandung terminal.
Christian : well, which one goes direct to Cimahi, it is my first time to go to Cimahi.
Michael   : The blue one.
Christian : Which bus will we take?
Michael   : We may get on any buses which go to Padalarang, Usually they visit Gatot Subroto Terminal, Cimahi.
Christian : Well, that is the blue one. Let us get on the bus.
Michael   : Yeah, that is the bus I mean.


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