Hello Guys!!
In this time i'll tell you an unforgettable moment story of my life...

   When I was in elementary school, I always played around my house (which was still a yard and forest) from noon to afternoon I passed play along with my friends, until i forget where is it now. I'm confused like a chick looking for his mother, but I seem to remember this place, yes this place is a forest my mother forbids to enter it, she said that this place is a mystical thing (ghost).
    I'm so scared and confused I do not know where to go. but I saw a lamp that marked life in a hut. I can not help but approach him because if I were here I might get lost again. I was forced to approach the hut and they were good villagers although the stature was spooky because they had just finished planting rice in their fields. then I brought them to my house again I feel calm and prove that myth is fake. I feel saved by these people.


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