Holiday Plan

At the class room Maik, Adi, and Greace talking about school holiday....
Maik          : "Hey, whatsup bruh!!" Adi,Greace: "Hey hey whatsup!"  Maik          : "I heard school holidays extended into two weeks. So what will you do on your next holiday guys??" Adi            : "Whoaa its that true?! Hmm maybe I will go to Bromo Mountain." Greace       : "I think you have to go by offroad di because you will feel the sensation if you use offroad car :D." Maik         : "Whoa great idea Greace.. what will you do at Bromo Mountain di? Adi           : "That's great idea bruh but my father doesn't have any offroad car so i will go by car Bromo Mountain Maybe I will go hiking, taking some sunset pictures, and the most of all is I'll trying offroad by offroad motorcycle." Maik         : " Wow nice bruh finally you can feel the sensation of offroad motorcycle. How about you Greace what will you do on your next holi…


Hello Guys!! In this time i'll tell you an unforgettable moment story of my life...
   When I was in elementary school, I always played around my house (which was still a yard and forest) from noon to afternoon I passed play along with my friends, until i forget where is it now. I'm confused like a chick looking for his mother, but I seem to remember this place, yes this place is a forest my mother forbids to enter it, she said that this place is a mystical thing (ghost).
    I'm so scared and confused I do not know where to go. but I saw a lamp that marked life in a hut. I can not help but approach him because if I were here I might get lost again. I was forced to approach the hut and they were good villagers although the stature was spooky because they had just finished planting rice in their fields. then I brought them to my house again I feel calm and prove that myth is fake. I feel saved by these people.


One day in Bus Stop..

Michael   : Hey chris !!! Are you waiting for the bus?
Christian : Hey Mike!! Yes I am.
Michael   : Which bus?
Christian : I am waiting for the bus to Cimahi
Michael   : Let us get on the bus together, I am going to Cimahi too.
Christian : Does this yellow one go to Cimahi?
Michael   : No, it doesn't. It goes to Bandung terminal.
Christian : well, which one goes direct to Cimahi, it is my first time to go to Cimahi.
Michael   : The blue one.
Christian : Which bus will we take?
Michael   : We may get on any buses which go to Padalarang, Usually they visit Gatot Subroto Terminal, Cimahi.
Christian : Well, that is the blue one. Let us get on the bus.
Michael   : Yeah, that is the bus I mean.

It's All About Me

Hello! Welcome to my blog... 

         Let me introducing myself here...My Name is Michael Adigreace. I was born on Bandung,15 May 2002. I live in Perumahan Griya Asri Cahaya Cipageran E.14, North Cimahi. I am one of the students at SMAN 3 Bandung, that is the one of the most favorite school in my home town. My hobby is capturing some photograph, videograph, and all that about art.         When I write this article I'm currently right 15 years old. Let me introducing my family.Now I live in a small family with one sister and my parents, her name is Maria Adiseptiani Marbun she was 11 years old. She is one of the students at SDK BPK Penabur Cimahi. My father name is Luhut Pangihutan Marbun, he work with his own bussines it call " CV Bina Mitra" I'm so proud of what my that has do for my family he is the great dad ever but, my mother is also great too her name is Julia Rebeka Silalahi she is the one of women soldiers at Indonesia, I'm so proud with her cause…